Pennsylvania Vector Control Association (PVCA) 40th Anniversary


Scott Crans, Tadhgh Rainey and Robert Jordan were invited speakers at the 40th anniversary meeting of the Pennsylvania Vector Control Association meeting held in State College PA. Scott presented a paper reviewing the bionomics of Northeastern Psorophora, the importance of maintaining local collection records along with some encouragement to go out and find the less common species present in our region. Tadhgh reviewed the Hunterdon County Mosquito and Vector Control Program services highlighting his work with John Wallace of Millersville University and the most recent black fly nuisance problems experienced across much of Northwestern NJ this past summer. Robert Jordan presented an excellent paper addressing the expanding role of vector control agencies in reducing tick-borne disease. The 40th anniversary meeting was well attended and packed with informative presentations on a variety of topics. From the New Jersey perspective, hearing what is happening in the vector control arena at Pennsylvania State University, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Millersville University, Muhlenberg College, Pennsylvania Game Commission and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection was impressive. If you have a chance to participate in the future, this meeting is well worth the time and expense.

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