Zika Information Exchange

Members from the Children’s Health Institute, Robert Wood Johnson Health System and Ruzikacdctgers University, including Dina Fonseca, met with Congressman Frank Pallone of New Jersey’s 6th District (D) to discuss the current state of understanding about the epidemiology and ecology of the Zika virus. This fact-finding mission for the Congressman is in anticipation of hearings that Congress will be holding, including those of the House Energy and Commerce Committee that Congressman Pallone seats. Up for discussion in these congressional hearings are a proposed $1.8 billion dollars of emergency finding proposed by President Obama in the upcoming fiscal year. For more information, see: https://pallone.house.gov/press-release/pallone-hosts-discussion-public-health-experts-highlight-zika-concerns as well as information from the HEC committee: https://democrats-energycommerce.house.gov/newsroom/press-releases/as-zika-crisis-grows-committee-seeks-urgent-briefings-from-government-health


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