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Tick Blitz Results Coming In

New areas in New Jersey were found with the Asian longhorned tick Haemaphysalis longicornis. And the range for the lone star tick Ammlyomma americanum was extended farther north than previously known. The Tick Blitz was a cooperative effort among New Jersey mosquito control agencies to perform tick sweeps throughout New Jersey on a single day, to provide a general idea about tick distribution in the state. This effort is the beginning to providing information to New Jerseyans regarding ticks and what they can do to protect themselves and their pets. For more information, see this SEBS/NJAES news release.


NJ Tick-Blitz and learning about NJ tick distributions

The first statewide tick surveillance was conducted in mid-May with the help of the county mosquito control agencies and others in order to determine distribution of the state’s tick populations. Full results from this surveillance effort will be reported on in the future, but an initial preview suggests that the lone star tick is more widepsread than originally thought. Read the Philadelphia Inquirer news report on the surveillance effort.